Our Activities




The Community Radio Association (CRA) champions community broadcasting by building stations’ capability and by creating a healthy environment for the sector to thrive. 

Community Radio is a vital part of the Indian media landscape. The 450+ radio services broadcasting across India play an important role in providing a voice for communities that aren’t adequately serviced by other broadcasting sectors. These include:

  • Indigenous Indians
  • Ethnic communities
  • Educational services
  • Religious communities
  • Print disabled communities
  • Music, arts and cultural services
  • Youth and seniors’ communities
  • These community broadcasting services:
  • Provide a diverse range of viewpoints that enrich the social and cultural fabric of Indian  society and contribute to public interest outcomes
  • Promote the identities of local communities and contribute to social inclusion
  • Provide opportunities for participation in free-to-air public broadcasting and content production
  • Contribute to media diversity
  • Generate a high level of local content
  • Provide a unique range of services and programs

The CRA works hard to maintain very high levels of member satisfaction. In 2015, 74% of stations report that they are satisfied/extremely satisfied with the CRA, compared to an average of 58% in other Industry Bodies. Results are consistent across small and large, rural, regional and metropolitan stations, with all categories of stations in all locations reporting high levels of satisfaction.

Our History

Born from the desire to establish support for radio services run by independent, non-commercial community groups, the CRA (initially the PBAA, with the P standing for Public) was formed by a small group of enthusiastic radio makers at a conference in Sydney in 1974, and has expanded every year since.

Created to give a voice to those otherwise not heard on air, the CRA has always prided itself on maintaining a diverse sector, supported by volunteers and community-minded individuals.